Hi, I’m Lucía, or Lu, for short. I’m a Brazilian non-binary Trans woman living in the Netherlands since 2014. I have been counseling people since 2017 and have started this practice in 2023. But this is just a small part of who I am. 

I am Trans, I am an immigrant, I am neurodivergent, I am someone who has faced poverty and homelessness. These issues have given me resilience, maturity, knowledge, too many puns, tears, and the desire to help others go through difficult experiences. It would be foolish to separate this personal experience from my professional experience, so instead I bring my (her)story as an active participant in my practice. This life experience allows me to take up space, space that I am then able to share with my clients, so they can feel safe to take it for themselves. 

Helping others in their journeys surrounding Sex, Gender, Sexuality, or, more commonly, a mix of them, is my specialty. Which means that, together with my identity and life experience, I tend to attract majoritarily people from the LGBTQ+ community. However I look forward to helping people from all walks of life, so my clients come from a diverse range of people, from 14 year olds to 50 year olds, with a diverse range of issues, cultures, and backgrounds. I believe in the importance of always trying to find ways to support you in any needs you may have.

The therapeutic journey is a collaboration between me and the client, where we find out what works best in regards to frequency, number, and content of the sessions. Sessions usually take 1 hour, either weekly or biweekly, in person or online. We can either have talks where we explore your issues, or do exercises designed or adapted to you and your situation.  

In regards to languages, I understand Spanish and Dutch, but I dont consider myself fluent. Therefore I feel that, to be able to focus and give my full attention to my client, the sessions are preferrable in English or Portuguese.

  • Caring

    I care deeply about my clients, their well being, and their needs.

  • Unique

    I am unapologetically authentic, and bring my personal identities with me.

  • Non-normative

    I do not follow normative scripts or behaviours, instead building the workshop or therapeutic journey with the client and their specific needs

See me in the wild

On Youtube

Olave Talks – Olave Talks to Lu Lodi
Finally, #OlaveTalks to Lu Lodi. We get into it deep: religion, queering spirituality, magic, faith, community, spiritual leadership, and soooo so much more. I am so grateful for Lu’s courage in raising this topic and making space for it in her community work!

CARE Program | A Queer Take on Dutch Sex Education (CAREWOLF)
An interview with the creators of Carewolf, an immersive educational game about queer experiences in a pandemic.

On Podcasts

SPECTRUM podcast – Lucía Lodi and Queer sex
Today is the first remote and all English episode and it’s all about queer sex! With Lucía Lodi we talk about a broad range in queer sex. How does gender interject sex? What are ways to look at sex and what about consent? All those topics in this episode!

QueerSounds – I can take this
Not the protest march type, Lu Lodi tries to help trans and other queer people in whatever way she can. Just acknowledging each other’s existence can seem small but carries huge power. This Brazilian support group host knows that like no other.

Ongehoord – Episode 6 – Lu Lodi and Marije speak about transness and sexuality, femme visibility, and pleasure as activism
Lu is a Brazilian transfemme and is, among other things, the founder of the 2QT support group, and she has also been involved in the Gender Bending Queer Party in Rotterdam. The conversation is personal, practical, political and in English.